Monday, January 28, 2013

Through the Past Dorkily: Bored to Death

Editor's note: Through the Past Dorkily is a recurring feature that looks back at the embarrassingly dorky diary I kept as a 16-year-old in 1984.

Saturday, January 28, 1984
Today was just yer basic boring day. I had my guitar lessons and then I drove Mom to Market Bucket. Later on we went to the Methuen Mall but we were only there for a half an hour. Then we came home and were having dinner at 7 when the power went out. We sat around for an hour with a couple of candles and then we called the electric company. After a while, the power came back on.

Michael Jackson had to go to the hospital last night. He was making a commercial for Pepsi in LA. He was singing "Billie Jean" and he went too close to some fireworks. His hair and jacket lit on fire and they rushed him to the hospital. He had second-degree burns but is alright.

Like I said, just yer basic boring day. Zzzzzzzzz.

- The (bored) Barbarian

Postscript: Sometimes there was no escaping the skull-crushing boredom of life in the boonies. Weekends were deadly dull for the most part, mainly because I was home with my family the whole time. We didn't really do anything other than shop or watch TV. I couldn't get my driver's license fast enough.


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