Friday, October 17, 2003

I'm still in shock today at how the Red Sox totally blew their first shot at going to the World Series since '86. They had game 7 in the bag, leading 5-2, and Grady Little leaves Pedro out there for the eighth instead of going to his bullpen. Next thing you know, it's 5-5 and the damn Yankees win in 11. I could hear my dad saying "Stupid Grady Leeeetle," just like he used to say "Stupid Jeeemy Weeeliams" back when Jimy was managing the Jays in the late '80s. Couple that with the Cubs' choke a few days earlier, and you get a good understanding why these teams haven't won anything in the last 85 years. There's a lot of depressed and angry folks around here today. Fortunately, I was just an interested observer. I still have my memories of the '92 and '93 World Series victories to savor.

At least I don't have to hear anybody say "Cowboy up" any more. God, was that annoying.

Of course, the Leafs have had some big chokes of their own the last 36+ years, but they usually don't even get to a big game. Last night, they let the Devils tie it up with two friggin' seconds left. Sheesh.

Still fighting this cold, but I feel a lot better than earlier in the week. Didn't play hockey Tuesday night, just stayed home. I'm starting to eat more regular food, which is nice. I have an appointment with my nurse practitioner in half an hour, so we'll see if she says I can get back to eating what I want again.

My brother-in-law Steve gets married for the second time this weekend. Should be interesting.

Got some cool DVDs to watch: My bro sent me "The Kids are Alright" and Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" as belated birthday presents, plus I still have "A Mighty Wind" to watch.

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