Monday, October 13, 2003

Hola. Happy Columbus Day. Gotta love these long weekends, even if I feel pretty miserable right now. No, not the stomach thing, I've got a nice chest cold thanks to Hannah, who brought it home from daycare. We're all suffering, but mine is definitely the worse. Coughing up lots of good stuff. I ran the BAA Half Marathon yesterday and at first wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish because I had been up half the night hacking. But surprisingly, I felt good and had a decent race.

Saturday's Red Sox-Yankees game was insane in the membrane. Pedro throwing at guys, Don Zimmer getting tossed to the ground by Pedro, a melee in the Yankees bullpen, Clemens and Manny yelling at each other. It was out of control. But give Clemens credit. He was the one guy who controlled his temper and that's why they won.

The Leafs came out flat for their season opener, getting shut out by the lowly Habs. I taped it because we had our roto hockey draft at the same time, but it sounds like it was so bad I have no desire to watch it. Hopefully they'll play better tonight against Washington.

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