Saturday, October 04, 2003

Damn, it's been a whole week. Not a fun one, either. Last Saturday, I got a good 20-mile run in and was feeling pretty well. That night, I went out with my brother-in-law Steve for his bachelor party, which turned out to be a pretty tame affair. We just went to the Outback steakhouse for dinner and had some drinks afterward. But at some point, I picked up a stomach bug and for the next four days or so, my gastrointestinal system was in some serious turmoil. I couldn't eat much, had a lot of trips to the bathroom, it wasn't fun. I still went to work, but I was pretty miserable. I felt better on Tuesday, but I made the mistake of having a roast beef sandwich for lunch and getting the whole thing going again. On Wednesday I went to my nurse practitioner and she figured it probably had something to do with Crohn's Disease, which I was diagnosed with last year but which hadn't yet manifested itself. She said I could eat chicken and fish, but no beef or really fatty foods, no fruits or vegetables, at least until this is resolved. I visited my G-I specialist the next day and he said I probably had some sort of bug or virus that activated the Crohn's. He prescribed some medication, ordered a stool sample (not easy) and I'm to call him next Tuesday to report back on how I'm doing. I felt pretty good on Thursday and Friday, enough to get a couple of five-mile runs in; we'll see how I do tomorrow, when I'm supposed to run 22 miles. It's my last really long run. The marathon's less than a month away.

So anyway, yesterday I get a call from my NP saying my blood test showed I had an underactive thyroid, which usually means the person is sluggish, sleepy and gaining weight. All things that I'm not suffering from. They're double-checking it. I'm just full of surprises.

To top all that off, on Tuesday, the radiator in my car sprung a leak and I had to leave it with our mechanic because it was overheating. Fortunately it won't cost too much to fix because he's giving us a good deal, but I haven't had a car all week.

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