Saturday, October 25, 2003

Hey there, ho there. Saturday night's alright for bloggin'. Just watched the Leafs take out the Capitals, 4-1. Nice game, Belfour played great, Sundin finally scored his first goal, and the team looks like it's putting it all together.

Had a decent day today...we had folks from the softball team over for a BBQ, although Deb, Hannah and me were the only ones who actually stayed for the food. Everyone had somewhere to go. But it was a nice day and I'm not complaining. My cold's finally gone, my stomach feels okay (knock on wood-like desk), and my back's not too sore. One week away from the NYC marathon, which is hard to believe.

It'll be a busy week at work. My deadline's on Wednesday and a bunch of people haven't called me back yet. I'm going in tomorrow to write as much as I can so the week isn't a total freakshow.

Elliott Smith killed himself this week. His girlfriend found him after he stabbed himself in the heart with a steak knife. Dayamn. Couldn't he have found an easier way to go, like setting himself on fire and then jumping into a blast furnace? Guess he was pretty messed up on drugs and shiznitt. The guy was talented, no doubt. I was checking out some of his stuff in Heatmiser, his old band, and it was really cool. I never realized he brought the rock like that. Heatmiser also featured the guy from Quasi. I definitely need to pick up Smith's solo stuff. What a waste. Suicide's just friggin' stupid.

The ultrasound yesterday was awesome. We saw the little dude/dudette moving around in there, counted all the fingers, and saw a normal-looking heat beating away. It never fails to blow me away, to know that a little person is in there just chillin' for nine months. It was also weird to think that not quite two years ago, we were looking at Hannah in an ultrasound. Four months to go.

So I'm sitting there last night, watching "Boston Public." Like all David Kelley shows, it's eminently watchable even though it's absolutely ridiculous. In last night's episode, Dennis Miller guest starred as a broker who instead of receiving jail time for some scheme gets sentenced to becoming a math teacher. This show cracks me up, because people just get pulled off the street to become teachers. Jeri Ryan's character was a lawyer who decides to become a teacher. Don't bother getting certified, just walk right up. And of course, just about every female teacher has to be absolutely smokin' hot, with Jeri Ryan as the prime example. I'm not complaining or anything, but in all my years of going to school, I never had a teacher look anything remotely like her. Trust me, I would have noticed.

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