Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hey, how's it going? Things are going a lot better here. I'm still eating bland as hell, but at least I feel better. The doc thinks the thyroid problem is what caused the Crohn's to kick up, but I still have no idea what caused the thyroid problem. All I know is I feel better and I can do whatever I want as far as exercise--I ran 21.5 miles on Sunday and felt great, played hockey last night and scored two goals. But I'm still being careful about what I eat, although I have been sneaking some ketchup or chocolate here and there and have had no problems so far. Hopefully, I'll find out soon that I can go back to eating meat, veggies, fruit and dairy products, not to mention drinking beer.

It's a great time of year for sports. The baseball playoffs have been fantastic so far. The Red Sox just won the divisional series from Oakland in five games after losing the first two, and now they face the Yankees. As much as I can't stand the Sox normally, I hate the Yankees more, so go Red Sox! Meanwhile the Cubs and Marlins are in the other series. And the NHL season starts tonight, which not so many people care about around here anymore, but I do. Besides, it might be the last season for a while. And the NFL is well underway and always exciting.

I need to see some new movies out or about to come out: Kill Bill, pt. 1; Lost in Translation; and School of Rock. Also there's a bunch of new rock out that I need to pick up: the new Outkast double-disc, Guided by Voices, live Fu Manchu, Nebula, all sortsa stuff.

Got my car back and it's running fine, although I need to get the exhaust worked on in a few weeks. One thing after another.

Well, time to go watch five games at once. Later.

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