Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Huevos rancheros. I'm typing this with one eye because I had a little work done on my right eye today. Nothing serious. I just had a little infection that caused some blocked pores, so I had to get them unblocked in a 10-minute procedure. But I have to wear a patch over the eye until tomorrow morning, so that's a bit of a pain.

A warm welcome to Dr. Doobs to the world of blogimafying. Both he and Senor OJ have launched MP3 blogs, which is a cool way for me to check out music I haven't heard before or in a while. Dube's got a music collection that puts mine to shame, something my wife would have a hard time believing, but it's true.

I stumbled across this the other day, a preview of a new movie coming out from the great minds that brought us "Dude, Where's My Car?" As my brother wryly noted, maybe we should be glad that dumb Asians run counter to the normal stereotype.

Well, the UNH-Michigan game last Saturday was a big disappointment. The seats were great, even though part of the fat guy next to me hung over into my airspace. The place was packed with UNH fans, but the Wildcats were just outclassed by a fast, strong and smart Michigan squad. It put me in the unfamiliar position of having to root for Boston College in Sunday's final, which I watched on TV. Now that was a great game. BC was all over Michigan but was trailing 2-1 after two periods. They tied it up with a few minutes left and then won in overtime on a sweet goal by Ben Eaves. Now they're in the Frozen Four against hated Maine, while Denver plays Minnesota-Duluth in the other pairing.

The NHL regular season wraps up this weekend, setting the stage for the best postseason in all of sports. I can argue this for hours on end, so don't even get me started. NFL and MLB playoffs are both fun to watch, but for me, nothing tops the pitched battles that ensue in the chase for the Stanley Cup. And it's such a grueling road: you have to win four best-of-seven series to be the champ. Once again, the Leafs have a supremely skilled group that shows up some nights and is horrible on others. Steve and I saw them shut out a hot Bruins team 3-0 last Thursday, two days after they got totally smoked by Tampa Bay. We saw an unbelievable scrap in the stands after the game; two drunk nitwits were beating some fat guy who we think was a Leaf fan. The cops and security personnel stepped in to break it up and the whole mass of them were driven into the next row of seats below. One of the cops broke his leg and the young punks who were still fighting the cops were dragged off and hopefully beaten silly. I'm no fan of jack-booted thugs, but I'm even less of a fan of drunken idiots.

All right, enough of this. I think my other eye's getting tired.

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