Saturday, March 13, 2004

Well, we've had Lily home one night and I don't want to jinx things, but last night was great. Deb got up to feed her at 12:30 and I got up at 5:30 to feed her. Not bad. I remember getting little to no sleep last time around with Hannah. Things could change quickly, so I'm not getting too excited about this. But it's great to have her and Deb home with us. Hannah's dealing fairly well. She thinks Lily is cute, but definitely gets jealous when Mom or Dad spends what she considers too much time with Lily. She doesn't seem to blame Lily, which is good. So far.

I had to admit I was rather shocked when I heard the Boston Herald was hiring former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle, who left his longtime Globe job in 1998 after it came out that he fabricated some of his columns and ripped off some others from other writers. It wasn't so much that he got another job--he's been writing a column for the NY Daily News and doing a talk show on Boston radio for a while now--but that the Herald would hire him after its gleeful coverage of his downfall six years ago. For the Herald to announce his hiring without so much of a mention of his past transgressions seemed rather odd. Check out Dan Kennedy's Media Log in the Boston Phoenix for some good coverage of this and other media issues. I haven't worked for a newspaper in almost nine years, but I still love reading about all this stuff.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: George Carlin's the man. Always a keen dissecter of BS, Carlin has a great take on the bogus outrage over Janet Jackson, Howard Stern, et al. There's new legislation in the House that would raise indecency fines from $11,000 to $500,000. Change the channel, folks. Sheesh.

I've been digging the new Von Bondies album, Pawn Shoppe Heart, as well as the Shins' latest, Chutes Too Narrow. I also picked up the Mars Volta's debut CD because I was a fan of At the Drive-In, but I haven't gotten into it yet. Very prog-rockesque, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the 12-minute song times and pretentious song titles ("take the veil cerpin taxt" and "inertiatic esp" are but two examples) are a bit of a turnoff. Still, I need to listen to it a little more.

It was nice to see my Indian homiez easing up tensions with neighboring Pakistan enough to stage a cricket tournament instead of their usual round of nuclear brinksmanship. I still don't really get cricket, although I do have a cricket bat as a souvenir of my last trip to India 24 years ago; I have a ton of relatives over there, including my grandmother and tons of uncles, aunts, and cousins, but the logistics (cost, vacation time, etc.) just don't work right now. My parents would take us out of school in January for six weeks to go over because weather-wise, it was the best time of year to go, but I can't do that now. One of these days we'll figure something out.

Some British rock mag is reporting that Kurt Cobain wanted to leave Nirvana and join his wife's band Hole. Apparently he said it in an interview just before his death. That totally would have been like John and Yoko all over again. Still, the Plastic Ono Band stuff John Lennon did after he left the Beatles was pretty great, as opposed to McCartney's Wings output, which was okay but definitely missed the acidic counterbalance of Lennon. As for Kurdt and Courtney, there were rumors that Cobain wrote much of Hole's Live Through This, which was released a week after he blew his brains out in '94.

Okay, time to get some sleep while everyone's actually sleeping.

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