Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hey. Lily's three days old and she's just getting cuter, if that's possible. She's definitely got a different personality from Hannah, who was quite noisy right from the get-go. Lily's a lot mellower, either snoozing or just gazing at you with those dark eyes. So far, she seems to have the opposite of Hannah's personality. It will be interesting to watch these two develop, especially once Lily starts really forming a personality. After all, she's only three days old.

She and Deb are still at the hospital until the end of the week, so things are pretty quiet around here. I went back to work today and took Hannah to daycare, and then we went to visit Deb and Lily in the evening for a few hours until Hannah started bouncing off the walls. After putting Hannah to bed, I got Sandy from next door to come over while I went to visit the hospital again for a few more hours.

So it's not fair to describe Lily without also showing her off in digital image form, so I slapped together an Internet home page with some photos (as m'dawg Mike Powell would say) using the Comcastian bandwidth at my disposal. Check it out here. Remember, it's a work in progress and I basically did it in about 20 minutes, so ease up on the web design criticism, aiight? The photos in the gallery are freakin' large, so be forewarned.

The NHL trade deadline came and went yesterday, and the Leafs managed to make their team of graybeards even older by adding 41-year-old Ron Francis and 37-year-old Calle Johansson. Unfortunately, they didn't address their needs for a decent backup for Eddie Belfour or a physical d-man, but they still are a formidable contender if they can stay healthy. Judging by the sick bay this year, that's a big if.

The Todd Bertuzzi cheap shot on Colorado's Steve Moore is quickly becoming this year's Marty McSorley incident. Of course, this is much, much worse. Bertuzzi sucker-punched Moore, who gave Bertuzzi's teammate Markus Naslund a concussion last month, and then jumped on Moore, breaking his neck. Looks like Moore will recover, but at the very least Bertuzzi needs to be suspended for the rest of the season and playoffs. Possibly longer. The NHL hands down its decision Thursday. Bertuzzi's one of the best players in the league, which makes this different than the usual thuggery perpetrated by rank-and-file goons. It also makes this the perfect time for the NHL to show it has some spine and really punish this guy, despite the devastating impact it will have on Vancouver's playoff hopes.


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