Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Greetings. Welcome to week 2 of the Kumar four-person family experience. All is well. Lily's eating and sleeping and pooping, as babies are wont to do. Hannah seems to enjoy having a sister, and likes to "feed" one of her baby dolls when one of us is feeding Lily. She's also turning into quite the joker, getting a kick out of calling me "Uncle Daddy," which she picked up after hearing cousin Danny calling me "Uncle Jay." She also throws out the occasional "Uncle Mommy" just to see the reaction it gets. That kid's a pistol, I tells ya.

It's March Madness time and that means filling out the office pool. Deb just did hers and chose to go blind, making her picks without the benefit of any additional research other than knowing the seedings. I may follow suit, since research has never gotten me anywhere and I don't really follow college hoop anyway. I'm more interested in the Hockey East tournament this weekend; on Friday, my UNH dawgs face off against UMass-Amherst, while hated Maine plays hated BU (who knocked off overwhelming favorite BC last weekend). Me and bro-in-law Steve are joining some other guys to see the championship game Saturday night. Hopefully, UNH will be there, but whoever plays, it's always good hockey.

First day of spring is this Sunday. So naturally, we got about eight inches of snow since yesterday afternoon.

Hard to believe an entire community is this backward, but it's true.

Still haven't seen "The Passion of the Christ" and don't feel the need to rush out and see it, but its success is still an interesting phenomenon. Not that he needs the money, but Mel Gibson stands to make a mint when all is said and done. Now he's talking about the story of Hanukkah. He hasn't said he'd do a movie about it, but one wonders if he's just saying it to get the critics who say his current movie is anti-Semitic off his back. Goshdarnit, I'm so cynical.

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