Monday, April 05, 2004

Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs. Speaking of moms, mine was in town for a few days on her way home from Myrtle Beach, where she spent the last month. She finally met Lily, got to hang with Hannah, and had a good time before taking off for Toronto this morning. She'll be back next month for Lily's baptism. Meanwhile, we're coming up on kiddie party season. This Saturday, there's a bash for my buddy Matt's son Aidan, and then on Sunday, it's Easter. The following Saturday, we're throwing Hannah's 2nd birthday party a full two weeks before the actual event, because that's the day all the nearby family members can make.

Hannah's missed the last two weeks of Saturday morning swim lessons at the downtown YMCA because the pool was closed as a result of "fecal accidents" during the family swim the night before. Always makes me think of the Baby Ruth in the pool gag in "Caddyshack." Except it's not a Baby Ruth. Yuck.

The draft for my fantasy baseball league was held Saturday. For you non roto-geeks out there, the draft is the best part. You get together and draft your team for the year. Last year, I missed the draft because my brother was getting married the same day in Houston, so my friend Phil drafted my team for me. I'm not going to say that's why I didn't win anything, but it's just not the same. So I was all excited for the draft, even though I didn't have a lot of time for research because of deadlines, my eye thing (which is healing nicely, thanksferaskin) and of course, the kids. Imagine my surprise when I'm riding with Phil to the draft and suddenly realize our league comprises both AL and NL players, and I'd only researched the AL. None of the emails sent around mentioned this fact, although I'm an idiot because we did the same thing last year and I had NL guys on my team--I just plain forgot. Felt bad, too, because I told my brother-in-law Steve, who joined the league this year, that it was AL-only. Whatever, we both drafted good teams, so it's no biggie. I've got lots of power (Javy Lopez, Jim Thome, Mike Sweeney, Vlad Guerrero, Garrett Anderson, Raffy Palmeiro), some speed (Juan Pierre, Ray Durham, Cristian Guzman), good starters (Tim Hudson, Mike Mussina, Esteban Loaiza, Mark Buerhle) and some decent closers (Billy Wagner, Arthur Rhodes, Jorge Julio). But it all depends on injuries and whether guys live up to past performance. Still, I feel good.

Staying on the roto theme, our hockey league wrapped up yesterday and I rallied to finish third, which earned me my money back. Kudos to the aforementioned Matt for winning it all.

The Leafs finished the regular season on a good note, posting shutouts in their last two games against Buffalo and Ottawa to clinch home ice. They play Ottawa in the first round, the fourth series between these two teams in the last five years. Should be a good'un.

So it's been 10 years since Kurt Cobain took the cowardly way out. There have been plenty of post-mortems, not to mention the regurgitation of conspiracy theories blaming Courtney Love for his death. I was disappointed to see "Dateline NBC" giving some of these pinheads a forum for a murder theory, with Stone Phillips in the last few minutes of the segment suddenly expressing skepticism. If you're so skeptical, why give these rumors any credence at all? Stoopid media.

Hey, the guy was a great musician, but I draw the line at all this "voice of a generation" bullcrap, and I'm sure he didn't like hearing it, either. He was an extremely talented performer who had major issues, depression and heroin addiction being two of them, so it wasn't a shock to anyone familiar with him when he died. He nearly croaked a few months earlier when he OD'd in Rome. I feel bad for his daughter, who's 11 or 12 now and has to deal with Courtney's increasingly bizarre antics in addition to being Kurt's lone progeny.

I nearly did a spit-take the other night when I saw a Victoria's Secret commercial featuring Bob Dylan. Not just his music. Dylan was actually in the ad. What is the deal with that?

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