Thursday, April 22, 2004

Wow, it's been a while. I've been busy either watching playoff hockey or taking care of the kids or both. The Leafs edged Ottawa in seven games, beating them for the fourth time in five years. If it wasn't for goalie Eddie Belfour, they would have lost. Now they take on the Flyers, who look strong this year. Game 1 was tonight and Philly won 3-1, although the Leafs looked tired from having only a day's rest between series. The next game is Sunday, so hopefully they'll come out stronger.

The Jays are off to an absolutely horrendous start, their worst ever. They're 4-10 and just won their first home game tonight against Curt "King of All Media" Schilling and the Red Sox. The bats have been silent so far and the pitching hasn't been much better. I still blame it on the lame uniforms.

Am I the only person who thinks Donald Trump is a pompous buffoon? Sure, he's a rich, pompous buffoon, but still. I'm proud to say I haven't watched a minute of "The Apprentice" or any of the resultant media worship of this nitwit. We were at Lynch Park on Monday enjoying a rare warm day at the beach and I saw some 10-year-old kid wearing a "You're Fired" T-shirt. I just don't get it.

Well, the Boston Marathon came and went and I'm so glad I decided not to run it this year. Not just because it was the right thing to do because we had just had Lily and it wouldn't have been fair to Deb to be going out for three-hour training runs while she could barely move after the pregnancy. It also turned out to be one of the hottest marathons in recent memory, with temps in the mid-80s all along the course. Last year was tough when the temperature was 70 for the first two-thirds of the race, and me and my friend Matt both suffered from dehydration and muscle spasms. Matt ran again this year and finished in 4:29, nine minutes faster than last year, but it wasn't easy for him. At least he beat the guy from "JAG", who finished in just under five hours. As for me, I'm content to run a 5-mile race in Marblehead this weekend.

Not a fun time in the house right now because everybody's sick. Poor Lily's all stuffed up and Hannah's got a fever, Deb's not feeling good, and I've got the beginnings of a sore throat.

Softball's about to begin. We have our second practice on Saturday. We picked up a few players from a team that folded, so things are looking pretty good right now.

Here's a good advertisement for the Cuban cigar industry.

When driving through a safari park, it's always a good idea to keep the windows closed.

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