Monday, August 18, 2003

Yeah, it's been a few days. Had a busy weekend. Matt, Tricia and Danny were in town for a visit, which was fun. In between, I ran 14.7 miles on Saturday, much of it spent in gastrointestinal distress. Not fun. Finally my route brought me past the Y on the way back, where I stopped to use the facilities; I left for my run at 5:30, so the place wasn't even open the first time I passed by. But I got through it. Then we had a doubleheader in softball that afternoon, and Deb gave me the okay to actually partake in post-game celebrations. Of coursee, the celebrating was done by the other team, which beat us by a run, but that's okay. On Sunday, we had a makeup game, which we won handily.

Getting ready for our trip to Toronto. We leave tomorrow night after I get home from work. We're stopping in Syracuse for the night, then finishing the trip on Wednesday. I've got a ton of work to do tomorrow--my newsletter deadline is the day after I get back to work. I already know it's going to suck. People haven't been calling me back, so basically I'll be pulling this issue out of my ass, so to speak.

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