Saturday, August 30, 2003

Hey. Three days of work after a vacation and I'm definitely ready for this long weekend. Finally got to the gym yesterday after two weeks of no lifting--no reason, just didn't have the time or was out of town. Played some street hockey, too, which was fun. Today, I ran for the first time since I strained my calf last Sunday. Did seven miles and felt okay, although between the humidity and the week off, I was sucking wind. It's amazing how quickly you lose that fitness you work so hard to maintain; last Friday, I was kicking butt.

Anyway, we had a lunch in Marblehead at a park by the water, and then in the evening, Deb and I went to see "The Secret Lives of Dentists" with Campbell Scott and Denis Leary. Good movie. Scott's always been a good actor. Although we rarely get out to see movies, inevitably we get some annoying people sitting nearby to worsen the experience. Tonight, it was an old couple behind us that were yammering throughout the flick. I fought the temptation several times to turn around and tell them to shut the hell up. Finally, about three-quarters through the movie, they just got up and shuffled out. Maybe Matlock was on.

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