Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Home sweet home, as Vince Neil once caterwauled. We got back last night after 11 hours on the road. Back to work today.

The vacation was good. We told everyone that we were expecting child #2 in March, so that was fun. We took Hannah to the zoo, went to a wedding, I saw a Blue Jays game (they lost), hung out with my cousins, disrupted Hannah's sleep patterns with late nights out, saw people we hadn't seen in a long time, saw the condo my mom plans to buy, I ran three times before injuring my calf, etc.

Good to be back in my own bed. I can't believe it's almost September. Deb's back to work next week when school starts, and Hannah's back in day care. The Leafs are expected to name John Ferguson Jr. as their new GM--nothing like taking all summer to pick your man, you bozos.

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