Saturday, August 02, 2003

Hola, nerditos. Another quiet Saturday night. Five years ago, I would have been out drinking beer at a bar somewhere. Now, it all revolves around little Ms. Hannah. Most of the day was spent playing with her, or letting her smack the bejeezus out of me. I did manage to squeeze a 10-mile run in, and Deb and I finally got to see a movie for the first time in months, "Bend It Like Beckham." Very entertaining. It's always cool to see an intelligent portrayal of Indians on screen, even if most of them are done in England. It did a good job of capturing the struggle between first-generation Indian kids and old-school Indian parents wanting to keep traditions going. My parents were never so much into the tradition part, but they were strict, and that led to plenty of conflict. Not that I was that much of a rebel or anything.

We're attending an Indian wedding in a few weeks in Toronto. A guy I knew as a kid is getting hitched. Should be fun. It's a Hindu ceremony since the bride is, so the whole thing will take much of the day. There's a lunch, the ceremony itself, and then a reception later in the day. We just attended my cousin's wedding in May that was the same way. Long, but always fun.

Halladay finally lost a start last night. Oh well, 15-3 is nothing to sneeze at. Too bad the Jays are totally going in the tank. Tickets shouldn't be a problem when we get up there.

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