Thursday, August 21, 2003

Well, we're here in Toronto. The drive wasn't bad. Tuesday night, the worst traffic we hit was on 128 in Peabody. No problems on the rest of 128, the Mass Pike, or the NY Thruway. We got to Syracuse by 11:30, and as we were checking in, Hannah woke up. She was all excited to be in our room, which was so humid the carpet was damp, that she was running all over the place. We finally calmed her down sometime after midnight. We hit the road around 8, got to the border around 10. No lines, no waiting, no problems. We stopped at Niagara Falls and checked it out for about an hour, then left for Toronto. We got here around 2:30, then just hung out with Mom for the rest of the day. Hannah was happy to see her and very playful. Spent the evening watching the Jays game and getting to bed early.

This morning, I ran six loops on Sandhurst Circle near Mom's building. I clocked it in the car and found it was 1.4 miles long, so I ran 8.4 miles. I plan to do the same the next two days and Monday. I figure it's not realistic for me to do a long run of 17 miles this week, since I don't really know the area, but I can at least get my miles in while I'm up here.

It's pretty hot today, pushing 90 (or 30 degrees Celsius, as they say up here). So far the power supply seems to be working fine, although you can see that businesses are trying to conserve. We were at a nearby mall in Wal-Mart and they didn't have all their lights on. And some of the mall escalators were out of commission to save energy. So after the mall, we hit the Toronto Zoo so Hannah could check out the animals. I hadn't been there in over 23 years, so it was cool for me, too. Hannah got a little antsy at times because she didn't want to stay in her stroller, but she had fun seeing the elephants, giraffes, monkeys, etc. We stayed three hours, but we were all pretty fried from the sun by the time we left.

JP gets here tomorrow night. I'm psyched to go to the Jays game Saturday--it's Paul Molitor bobblehead doll night. No, really, that's a good thing.

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