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Through the Past Dorkily: Round and Round

Editor's note: Through the Past Dorkily is a recurring feature that looks back at the embarrassingly dorky diary I kept as a 16-year-old in 1984.

Thursday, May 3, 1984

Song of the day: Me and My Wine - Def Leppard

Top 5 at Five
1. Run Runaway - Slade
2. Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions
3. Against All Odds - Phil Collins
4. Up the Creek - Cheap Trick
5. Round and Round - Ratt

I took my Walkman to school with my Eddie Murphy tape. Wow.

What a lousy week! Every day has been a total drag. Nothing seems to be going right. [Girlfriend?] and me, I don't know what the hell's gonna happen there! I want her so bad and I know she likes me, but she's so messed up over you-know-who that she doesn't know what the heck she wants! I mean, we were going great till Monday! What's going on?

Dad could get laid off if Seabrook shuts down. If he does, we'd have to sell our house!

Actually I got a couple of good test grades this week, but I've got some definite crises with schoolwork. Plus Mom's still checking up on me!

I don't know what's happening with my life. Tomorrow, things have to get better; they couldn't get much worse!

- The (down on his luck) Barbarian

Friday, May 4, 1984

Song of the day: My Oh My - Slade

Top 5 at Five
1. Beats Me - K the B
2. Blue Light - David Gilmour
3. Deeper and Deeper - The Fixx
4. This Fall - Bob and Zip
5. The Ghost in You - Psychedelic Furs

Well, it happened. Me and [girlfriend] broke up. Sort of. Lemme start from the beginning. On the bus this morning, Jeremy told me he heard that she was interested in [a buddy of ours] and that's why she wanted to be friends. Well, this really messed me up. After lunch, I talked to her about it. She said she liked [buddy] but that's not why she wasn't sure. We both agreed that we should just be friends for now. I talked to her on the phone and she said she doubted she would go out with him. Good! In fact, for all you know, we could be back together sometime soon! Who knows?

This is just the low point of a pretty shitty week. Anyways, we both plan on having a good time at the prom. I sure hope we get back together. She is so awesome! I miss her already.

- The (unlucky in love) Barbarian

Saturday, May 5, 1984

Song of the day: Kid Gloves - Rush

Hmm. Wow, man. I'm surprised that I wasn't really that depressed at all today. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about things now. I have a feeling that [ex-girlfriend] hasn't seen the last of me (boyfriend-wise)!

We went to Methuen today. First, at Caldor, I bought "Grace Under Pressure," Rush's new album for $5.96! We went to the mall where I got "Queensryche" for $4.99. Not bad.

Midland Records is way better now. There's more room there than before. I saw [two female classmates].

I drove home from the mall and I did a good job. Later I talked Mom into letting me drive [ex-girlfriend] to the prom. Tomorrow I'm going to learn the way to Hampton Beach. Wow!

- The Barbarian

Sunday, May 6, 1984

Song of the day: Round and Round - Ratt

Yeah! I can drive [ex-girlfriend] to the prom! Today I drove Mom to Hampton  Beach. I drove good and Mom said I can have the car Friday night. Awesome deal! It's wicked easy to get there; only takes half an hour! It was a nice day today: Sunny, 70 degrees. This is great!

Bad news. JP gave me his cough. Stupid jerk! I should be alright in a couple of days (I hope).

The Blue Jays won again! They're 18-10 and 9-1 in their last 10 games.

The Islanders play Edmonton for the Cup. NY beat Montreal, 4-2. I hope Edmonton wins.

The prom's gonna kick butt! I can't wait! Everything's set. They're even got valet parking. Good deal.

I'm not even depressed. Like wow, man.

- The (rejuvenated) Barbarian

Monday, May 7, 1984

Song of the day: Blinding Light Show - Triumph

Top 5 at Five
1. The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking - Roger Waters
2. This Fall - Bob and Zip
3. Run Runaway - Slade
4. Round and Round - Ratt
5. Strung Out - Steve Perry

A good Monday, for a change. A beautiful day, sunny and warm.

[Prom date] said that after prom we were invited to [a friend's] house for pizza. I asked Mom and she said yes! Yaah! I can't wait!

I got a 98 on that Algebra quiz and an 86 (43/50) on last week's Bi Sci test.

[Buddy of mine] was wicked pissed at [asshole ex of prom date] this morning. He's thinking of starting up a lynch mob to kick his butt! I said go for it!

I got a letter from [old friend from Richland, Wash.] today. He had a massive party and his house got trashed. Ha!

[Another buddy from Richland] sent me a letter on Friday. He also sent me a Red Robin pin. That guy is wicked cool! Hanford's prom is on the 12th and it cost $40.

Four more days! I'm psyched!

- The Barbarian

Tuesday, May 8, 1984

Song of the day: Deeper and Deeper - The Fixx

Top 5 at Five
1. Deeper and Deeper - The Fixx
2. The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking - Roger Waters
3. Round and Round - Ratt
4. Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry
5. Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions

Weird day. I was sick as a dog. Blocked nasal passages and massive chest cold and cough. Ugh!

I was totally out of it today. I did something real stupid. In Bi Sci, [classmate] stuck some sign on [another kid's] back saying "Kick me." And I did. Kneed him. Right in the ass! He was pissed. Gave me a dirty look. I apologized. I sure hope he doesn't kick my ass tomorrow! Stupid!

I fell asleep in Algebra again. Geez!

I got a 91 on a French quiz.

I haveta get better soon! Like tomorrow. I'm taking massive medication and I hope it works!

- The (sick) Barbarian

Wednesday, May 9, 1984

Song of the day: A Whiter Shade of Pale - HSAS

Top 5 at Five
1. Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
2. Run Runaway - Slade
3. Round and Round - Ratt
4. Blue Light - David Gilmour
5. This Fall - Bob and Zip

Today was better, I think. At first, I was pretty sick, but around 3rd period I started feeling better. I got a 70 on last week's Geometry quiz.

JP barfed on the bus this morning (after high school) and had to go home. Ha!

After school, I drove Mom and me to Exeter to pick up my tux. [A classmate] was there too. My tux looked pretty good on me! It didn't need any alterations. Good deal.

My cough's almost better! Awesome.

- The (recovering) Barbarian

Postscript: The emotional roller coaster continues, despite actually getting dumped. Somehow I was in this weird denial phase, but that would end soon. And it's kind of strange how excited I was by the prom.

My dad's employment situation was sketchy for a while, although he managed to hold onto his job for a few more years. 

I was still buying new albums on vinyl and would continue to do so until '89, when I finally got a CD player. Midland Records was a cool store, but it's long gone now.

With the glam metal road paved by the likes of Motley Crue and Def Leppard, bands like Ratt started to make inroads on rock radio. Before long, there were poofy haired guys in makeup playing hard rock everywhere. Gotta say, "Round and Round" is still a great song.


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