Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get Up On Down

Man, March is almost over and it's going out with a whimper. It's a raw day out there, rainy but just kinda blah. Which is fine by me, especially since I got my long run in yesterday when it was nice out. I drove in to Newton and ran the hills on the Marathon course. I felt pretty good and ran the vaunted hills without stopping. Only three weeks to go...

Yesterday started with my fantasy baseball draft, which was held here. I had to draft a team for my friend Matt, who couldn't make it, as well as mine, but I think I did okay. You never know until the season starts.

So my March Madness has waned after my pick to win it all, Memphis, choked its way out of the tourney Thursday night in an ugly loss to Missouri. They couldn't hit a free throw or three-pointed to save their lives. But the tournament I really care about, the NCAA hockey tourney, started this weekend and my alma mater, UNH, pulled out a shocker of a win. I TiVoed the game so I could get my run in and I'm glad I did; I'm also glad I decided to run instead of stay home and watch the game. Because ESPN2 was airing a college lacrosse game that went into overtime. I figured, no big deal, lacrosse games are high scoring so this should be over quick. The game was tied 9-9 and went into SEVEN overtimes before it ended. As a result, the UNH-North Dakota game wasn't shown until late in the second period. I would have been losing my mind had I been home to watch it; instead, I was able to fast-forward until the game actually showed up. So it was back and forth until late in the game when ND had a 5-4 lead. UNH pulls the goalie, wins the draw and ties the game up with .1 seconds left. Yep, one-tenth of a second. Insane. Game goes to OT and UNH wins on a sweet one-timer from Peter LeBlanc 45 seconds in. Awesome. So mere moments from when I'm typing this, they'll play BU to decide who moves on to the Frozen Four. But thanks to the ESPN conglomerate, they've decided to air the game on ESPNU, which isn't carried by DirecTV or Comcast. Brilliant. So I have to listen to it online through Yahoo. Better than nothing, I guess, but it still sucks. With all the channels ESPN has, why couldn't it find one that people actually get for the game? Nice job, pinheads. [UPDATE: UNH ended up losing 2-1 with 14 seconds to go in regulation. BU scored on a power play, when a pass banked in off a UNH player. Tough way to lose, but at least they didn't get killed.]

Out like a lamb:
  • One of my favorite movies, Dazed and Confused, is about to spawn a sequel of sorts. Which on first look doesn't sound promising, but when you find out that Richard Linklater is working on the project and none of the original characters from the 1993 flick are returning, maybe this will be cool after all. Where the original featured a group of kids on the last day of school in 1976, the new movie would look at kids in college in 1980. Linklater's still trying to get financing, but I'd be interested in seeing the movie. He's proven he can do a sequel when he made Before Sunset nine years after Before Sunrise. Both movies are excellent. So here's hoping he do the same thing with this new movie.

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