Friday, May 09, 2008

Stranger Things Have Happened

Hola. It has been a long week. Deb's been using the computer a lot to work on a PowerPoint presentation and by the time she's finished, I've been too lazy to post anything. So here we are on Friday night.

I recovered from the marathon fairly quickly. Watching me hobble right after the race, you'd have thought it would take me a month to get back to normal, but I was only really sore for a day or so. I ran 5 on Wednesday and today and will probably get out for about an hour tomorrow if it doesn't rain too much. I even entertained the idea of playing hockey last night, but there was an open house at Hannah's school, so I wisely opted for that instead. I was going to do a 5-mile race in Gloucester tonight, but the forecast called for downpours, so I went running at lunch.

Heads or tails, friendo:
  • Man, that cyclone in Myanmar (aka Burma) took an incredible toll: The UN is estimating that casualties will hit 100,000, although the government there says the death toll is only 22,000. Of course, those idiots were refusing humanitarian aid until just a few hours ago.
  • The Boston Bruins season ended a few weeks ago, but apparently before they were done for the year, they created an interesting sponsorship opportunity. They pimped out one of their Zambonis with a gigantic Gillette Fusion razor on the back. I didn't hear about that when it happened, but good for them for getting creative.
  • The hair metal version of Woodstock is happening for five days in July at Rocklahoma: the fest features Bret Michaels, Extreme, Triumph, Dokken, LA Guns, Living Colour (not really sure what they're doing here, because they certainly transcended and outlived the hair metal scene--guess they don't have much else going on these days), Cinderella, Tesla, and Briggy's favorite band, E'Nuff Z'Nuff. There's gonna be a lot of folks in black leather frying in the sun that week.
  • Ever take a course in a subject you really liked, only to have a professor who ruined it for you? Imagine if the professor then threatened to sue you for voicing your disagreement with her theories. That happened recently at Dartmouth, where a nutjob English prof claimed her students were so unreceptive to her theories that it constituted a hostile working environment. She left the college and may not actually sue, but damn, talk about being thin-skinned.
  • I've been a Mike Myers fan for about 20 years, since I first saw him on SNL. We share a common birthplace (Scarborough, Ont.) as well an affinity for a certain crappy hockey team. But apparently, if I watch his new movie The Love Guru, or even if I don't watch it but don't do anything to stop its being released, I will go to hell. Or so say some outraged Hindu protesters, who put together a convenient table detailing the punishment in store for folks who watch it. Of course, the punishment may just be the watching: it looks like it could be really dumb.
  • Speaking of the Leafs, they fired coach Paul Maurice this week. Not a shocker after they missed the playoffs for the third straight season. The hunt for a new GM continues as well. My hopes are low as always with this poorly run club. I'm just a glutton for punishment, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Simple solution. Get another computer

Jay said...

Yes, I do believe a laptop is in our future. Unfortunately, it's low on the priority list behind all that fun home repair stuff. Gotta love having an old house.