Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ain't Got Nothin' (To Go Wrong)

Greetings from gloomy New Jersey: Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I'll have finished the New Jersey Marathon. We drove down last night and got here around 9:45. Right now, it's about 48 degrees out and cloudy; I would LOVE for this weather to still be around tomorrow for the race. Alas, the forecasts are calling for rain tomorrow morning. The race starts at 7:30 and I hope I can finish in 3:45 or better, but I honestly have no idea if I can actually do it. I just hope it doesn't rain too hard. My left hammy is still a little tight, but I don't know if it'll bother me during the race. I feel good and am optimistic I'll have a good race. I'm not bringing my iPod, so I'll have to rely on the music in my head. Better listen to any Wiggles between now and then.

Originally the plan was for me and Matt to head down today and then our wives and kids to come down later after they go to a birthday party, but since it's kinda raw and lousy out, I cancelled the second hotel room we had. It'll just be me and Matt going down; he was going to run the half-marathon but has been too busy with work to train, so he'll just be cheering me on. Deb and I both have Monday off from work, so we'll stay over here Sunday night so I don't have to sit in eight hours of traffic to get home that night.

I'll check in with a race report tomorrow or Monday.

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Jay Breitling said...

Win one for The Gipper, KoomDogg.