Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rage in the Plague Age

Checking in during a busy week. It's not quite as warm as it could be, but the weather's getting a little nicer. It got close to 70 on my drive home from work. After the crappy winter/early spring we had, it's about time. I've gotten out for some good runs in the last few days.

I'm hoping to play hockey tomorrow night for the first time in about a month. The hammy's feeling okay and it's the last skate on Wednesday night. I expect I'll be sucking major wind out there, though.

Items organized in bullet form:
  • The NHL playoffs are heading towards a Detroit-Pittsburgh final. Both teams are up 3-0 in their current series and both look tough to beat. Should be a great battle for the Cup. I'd probably have to give the edge to Detroit on the strength of experience, but the Pens have been impressive and I'm rooting for them.
  • When we first got DirecTV a few years back, one of the things I was excited about was the opportunity to watch VH1 Classic on a regular basis. At that time, the station showed random rock videos around the clock. It was just fun. But of course, parent network MTV has gone and effed it up in the last year or so, filling primetime hours with music-related movies like "Flashdance" and old VH1 content like "Behind the Music" shows (which I don't mind so much) and "Pop-Up Video" (episodes of which are about 10 years old at this point). But actual videos have been relegated to the overnight. And now it's just going to get worse. I'm sure YouTube has played a big role in this, since you can find just about any video you want there. But I like to watch videos on my TV instead of crappily digitized clips taken from some dude's old VHS tapes.
  • The Canadian postal service announced that it will release new stamps from Canuck music icons Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Anka, Anne Murray and Joni Mitchell. What, no love for the Crash Test Dummies? Mmm mmm mmm mmm, indeed.
  • As if you needed more proof, here's some video of Bill O'Reilly being a dick on the set of "Inside Edition," back in the days before he had his own show and got paid for being a dick.
  • The mighty Bea Arthur turned 86 today. Which gives me another excuse to point you to the musical stylings of Bea Arthur's Revenge.

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