Saturday, May 24, 2008

At the Appointed Hour

Hey there, ho there. Just got back from my first golf outing of the year. It was only a quick 9 holes at Wenham Country Club with my buddy Stevie Z and his wife and son, but it was fun. Not only did we seem to have the front nine to ourselves except for one group in front of us, but I shot a 42, which is the best score I've had in years. I hit a bucket of balls yesterday after work, but I had no expectations for today. I've gotta think I'll be back to my normal sucky golf self next time out, but I'll enjoy the memory of this for a while. I have to believe I did well because I didn't have time to overthink out there and I didn't have any bad habits to fall back into since I hadn't picked up a club since last August.

The week was a busy one. I've got a lot of projects going on at work, so I've got my nose to the grindstone there. I took last weekend off from running to rest my right Achilles, which had been bothering me. It felt better this week, thankfully. I'm looking to do 7 tomorrow morning and run a 5K on Monday.

I played hockey Thursday night in Concord; it was my first skate in six weeks and my timing was way off. I was worried I might strain my hammy again, but it held up okay. Nice to get back on the ice again. I was mighty sore the next day, though.

I was remiss last week in not congratulating my sister-in-law Tricia ran her first 5K last weekend and did so in 33 minutes, which was way better than her goal time of 40. Nice work!

So what happened was...
  • The Stanley Cup finals finally start tonight with Pittsburgh taking on Detroit. This should be a really exciting series with two high-powered teams going at it. I'm picking Wings in 6, but I'm rooting for Penguins in 7.
  • So American Idol picked its winner this week. Oh yeah, I forgot, I don't give a rat's ass. I'm just counting down the days until the Lost season finale next Thursday. Speaking of which, we're rapidly running out of TiVoed stuff to watch. Time to rent season 1 of The Wire.
  • Man, it sure doesn't take much to get the rumor mill going. The latest example was when some blogger in Seattle got a text message claiming that Courtney Love was going to front the surviving members of Nirvana at the Sub Pop 20 fest this summer. Never mind that there's no way in hell that would happen, and sure enough, it was revealed as bogus. I'm sure she'd love to do it, but I could never picture Grohl and Novoselic going along after all the money-grubbing she's done since Cobain kicked.
  • So it turns out Journey's Neal Schon and former lead singer Steve Perry don't like each other so much. Not a shocker. I'm sure Schon's pissed that Perry won't rejoin the band because they'd make a ton of dough. Instead, they went and hired a guy they found on YouTube. Don't stop believin', indeed.
  • Man, I loves me the old Letterman clips. Like this one from his very first NBC "Late Night" show. First guest: Bill Murray. Gotta love it.

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