Saturday, December 06, 2003

Welcome to Kumar's Blizzardnog. We're getting slammed by a huge blizzard that's supposed to drop about two feet of snow on us when all is said and done. I've already been out shoveling once, this morning when about five inches had fallen, and I'm about to go out again in a few minutes. We've basically been housebound all day, not that we could have gone anywhere even if the weather was nice. My car's still being worked on and Deb's car is having brake problems, so it's just as well that the weather's horrendous. It doesn't help matters that our mechanic's real job involves plowing, so he's pretty busy right now.

So I spent the week bumming rides to work. Thursday night, Deb and I saw a great hockey game. The Leafs absolutely smoked the Bruins, 6-0. Total domination. Usually, when I see the Leafs in Boston, they lose, so it was nice for me. Our section was full of Toronto fans, too, so that made it even more fun. We took the train in, and to catch the 9:30 train we had to leave with four minutes left, but it was already 6-0 by then. It was Toronto's seventh win in a row, their longest win streak in 10 years.

Last night, I got together with the Webnoize doods--Ric, OJ, Lee and Christian. Briggy was just back from Beth's company trip to Sanibel, so they had to spend time with their kid. Took the train in again, doing my old commute to Central Square. We met at the Miracle of Science this time. Hung out, mostly talked with Doobs and OJ, and then I was going to catch the 10:45 train back to Beverly, but Ric offered to drive me instead, so I took him up on it. The snow was just starting to fall. Originally, Deb was planning to drive down to NJ to see baby Timothy, but the Maxima's brakes and the weather put the kibosh on that.

Tuesday morning was a traffic nightmare, as we had some snow squalls that immediately froze and caused major traffic jams all over the Boston area. It took over an hour to get from Beverly to Marblehead, but poor Deb had the worst of it. It took her almost FIVE freakin' hours to get to Malden, a trip that usually takes less than 30 minutes. Route 1 was just a parking lot, I guess. My buddy Convey at the Boston Herald ended up quoting Deb for a story he did on the storm, so she got some ribbing for that.

Well, time to go out and shovel some more. Then it's time to crack open a few beers and watch the Leafs play Detroit. Nice.

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