Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Blog humbug! Actually, I'm in a pretty good mood. Working a half day tomorrow, then picking my mother up from NH so she can spend the next few days with us before heading back to O Canada. Although I have a bunch to do at work because my deadline is Monday, so Friday will be a busy day. At least there won't be many distractions. The last week, my group has been bringing in so much food, I feel like I'm going to explode. Good stuff, though.

The Patriots-Jets game was a lot of fun. In the parking lot before the game, we didn't think we'd last into the second half because it was so damn cold. About 30 degrees with a brisk wind. But our seats were so close to the field--9th row in the Jets season ticket holder section--that we didn't have to worry about the wind. It was still really cold, but we lasted the whole game. We were a few rows behind Fireman Ed, this guy's who a fixture at Jets game, starting the "J-E-T-S" chant and getting on the big screen. This guy's such a legend, that during the halftime presentation of the all-time Jets team, one of the players came over and gave Ed a souvenir ball. Anyway, we were right in the middle of all these obnoxious Jets fans. Eight-year-old kids were giving us crap, although the Pats were leading the whole game and had a much better record. Jets QB Chad Pennington threw five interceptions and the Pats won 21-16. Unlike Foxboro, it took us longer to walk to our car than it did to drive out of the place.

It was cool to meet Timmy, my three-week-old nephew. I had forgotten how small newborns were. Of course, I'll be able to remember it all over again in a couple of months.

We got an EZ-Pass transponder just before we went down there. Those things rule. I love not having to scramble for correct change, or any change, for that matter.

Got all my Christmas shopping done early this year for a change, although Deb did most of it for both of us. More later. Me go now.

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