Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stormy High

So I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I don't have anything more than an annoying cough. No bronchitis, no pneumonia, just a cough. He didn't even prescribe me anything, so I'm still hacking away. But I do feel better than I did over the weekend. I'd say I'm at about 65%-70%. Went to work yesterday and today and got through it all right. I even ran on the treadmill today, although the first five minutes or so were a struggle; ended up doing six miles and getting a good sweat going. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to normal by next weekend so I can get a good long run in.

We're getting some snow right now but it's supposed to warm up tomorrow and be rainy all day, so whatever accumulation we get tonight will be washed away.

On with the bullets:
  • Check out this great collection of clips posted on YouTube by a Finnish dude who overdubbed footage of well-known guitarists/bands (Eddie VH, Santana, Clapton, Steve Vai, Iron Maiden) with his own parody solos. Funny stuff, but apparently some of the artists complained and YouTube yanked the vids. Fortunately, Wired is hosting them again, so take a look while you still can.
  • You may have seen this scary incident during the Florida Panthers-Buffalo Sabres game Sunday night in which Richard Zednik had his carotid artery severed by a skate blade. Amazingly, he had the presence of mind to press down on the wound and skate to his bench before he lost consciousness and bled out. As it was, he lost five pints of blood. Fortunately, they were able to get him to the hospital quickly and save his life; he's currently in good condition in the hospital. It immediately reminded me of a similar injury that happened to Buffalo goalie Clint Malarchuk back in '89. He too was saved by quick thinking by the Buffalo trainer. It's a wonder these kinds of injuries don't occur more often. Most players don't wear any kind of neck protection and this incident probably won't change that.
  • Man, Obama just keeps kicking butt. He won the DC, Maryland and Virginia primaries tonight, making it eight straight over Clinton. Things are getting mighty interesting, especially since Hillary just fired her campaign manager.
  • The writer's strike is officially over. Get back to work, you bastids!
  • And here's a great behind-the-scenes look at the awesome Conan-Stewart-Colbert brawl.

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