Saturday, February 16, 2008

Between Me and the Ground

Ah, gotta love a lazy Saturday morning. Deb's watching some "Project Runway" shows on the TiVo, the girls are playing and I'm sitting here in my PJs blogimafying. Last night, I met with up with the Webnoize crew and their wives at Redbones for some beer and BBQ action; Deb was supposed to attend but we couldn't find a babysitter. I rocked some steak tip chile and Texas beef ribs along with some Gritty McDuff's Stout. Mmmm good.

As a result of last night's gorgefest, I'm not doing my long run until tomorrow afternoon. I'm planning to do 18 miles this week and that just wouldn't be feasible today. We're in the midst of a long weekend; I get Monday off for President's Day. Meanwhile, Deb and the girls are off all next week for February school vacation. I'm taking next Friday off so it'll be a really short week.

A list of short items:
  • Man, what the hell's going on with all the mass shootings lately? There have been a bunch of them in the last couple of weeks, most recently the incident at Northern Illinois University Thursday when a gunman opened fire into a lecture hall full of students, killing five and injuring 16 others. Obviously these shooters are deranged, but it makes you wonder how far gone you have to be to think that taking out a bunch of other folks is going to make things better.
  • Doobs and I were both noting last night that it's nice to see that America has no problems with war, the economy, healthcare or corruption so our Congress can focus on the real issues: Roger Clemens and Bill Belichick. Don't know if you saw or heard any of the Clemens hearing earlier this week, but that was the biggest waste of time since Geraldo Rivera opened up Al Capone's vault on live TV. The hearing seemed to alternate between Clemens blaming everyone else but himself for his steroid allegations, congressmen defending Clemens and criticizing his former trainer, and other congressmen attacking Clemens' story. And all for what? Meanwhile, Senator Arlen Spector is vowing to push forward to investigate Pats coach Bill Belichick and his taping of opponents during NFL games. Again, I'm so glad our taxes are going toward these endeavors while the rest of the country is in such good shape.
  • Some hilarious outtakes of ESPN's Chris Berman cussing out staffers and basically just acting like a dink surfaced this week. ESPN had them taken down off the YouTubeses, but Deadspin was good enough to host the videos. Good stuff, but don't watch them around the kiddies.
  • Speaking of video, my man Doobs posted on the YT some hilarious clips he made in tribute to the fictional holiday Phat (created by our buddy Arthur; think Festivus but even more ridiculous and fun). The best is Phat Phone, in which he messes with telemarketers while getting the word out. Hilarious.

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