Friday, June 08, 2007

The Underdog

Just a quick post before I head off to work for a half day, and then we hit the road for lovely Springfield. Deb and I yesterday had an orientation at the school where Hannah will start kindergarten in the fall. It's hard to believe she's essentially starting her school "career" in a few months, although she's been in daycare and preschool since she was a little baby. I'll be dropping her off at school in the mornings, which will be a different routine for all of us. Lily will probably be bummed at first that her sister's not with her, and then she'll likely enjoy having her mom to herself every day. I'm excited for Hannah; I think she'll have a lot of fun.

Sunny side up:
  • Well, the hockey season's finally over. It still sounds weird to say it, but the Anaheim Ducks are the Stanley Cup champs. First West Coast team to win it all. I'm not surprised they won, because they have a stacked team, but I was surprised that Ottawa rolled over so easily, losing in five games. I know one place in Canada where folks are rejoicing at the Senators' misfortune: Toronto. It would have been tough for Leaf fans to see their hated rivals skating around with the Cup. Now they've got something new to taunt the Sens and their fans about. So now it's on to the draft and the free agent season; the Leafs need to pick up a big-name scorer, but I'm not optimistic. Hey, it has been 40 years since they won the Cup, what's another few, right? Ugh.
  • One of the best shows in TV history, The Sopranos, is wrapping up with its series finale this weekend. Some major characters have been killed off in the last few weeks and last week's penultimate episode had us wondering if Tony Soprano would be next. Should be a fun time this week, but sad, too. Whatever happens, it probably won't take a predictable route.

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Jen Breaux said...

It is hard to believe Hannah is starting kindergarten. Go, Hannah!

I am so excited for the seasone finale of "The Sopranos" but I definitely don't want it to end.

AHHHH least "Big Love" returns that Monday.

Have a good weekend!
Cousin Jen