Friday, April 27, 2007

Underwater World

Wrapping up another week in soggy fashion, but it wasn't all bad. On Monday, we were busy as my brother was in town for a work thing in Boston and my uncle and cousin drove down from Toronto as part of a baseball road trip. My bro was only here for the one night, but the girls were happy to see him (and stay up past their normal bedtime). I took Tuesday off and gave Partha and Dev a tour of the area and the city during the day before we went to the Sox-Blue Jays game at Fenway that night. Luckily, it was a nice day in the 70s. I took them to Faneuil Hall and Harvard Square before we hit Kenmore Square. We had obstructed view seats; they were just behind the plate to the left, but there was a big pillar right in front of us. We could look around it. From my seat, I could see the pitcher deliver to the plate, but the shortstop was completely blocked from view. Nonetheless, it was a good time and we were treated to a convincing Jays victory, a 10-3 butt-kicking capped off by a dominating performance from Roy Halladay. The guys headed out in the morning for NYC, where they had tickets to the Jays-Yankees game Wednesday night. Unfortunately, it was rained out. But it was good to see them again. We hadn't seen them since we were up in Toronto in the summer of '03, when Hannah was a toddler and Lily was in utero. Deb and I are talking about making a road trip up to Toronto in August to see them again.

Break out the umbrellas:
  • Wow, I never thought I'd see the day New Hampshire approved civil unions. I lived there for several years in the '80s and it was about as conservative as you can get. Hell, even electing a Democratic governor seemed like a longshot back then. Times are a-changin'.
  • Say what you will about Richard Gere, but this whole "kissing arrest" thing in India has got to be one of the dumbest friggin' controversies I've ever heard. Apparently, it's a nuisance lawsuit filed by extremely conservative folks who are not fans of the public display of affection. Welcome back to the Stone Age.
  • This time of year for me means watching the NHL playoffs, and last week I almost fell over laughing after seeing Snoop Dogg's appearance between periods at the Anaheim Ducks-Minnesota Wild game. Yabba dabba dizzle, indeed.

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