Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You Can't Touch the Untouchable

Today was Day 1 of the Run to Work commute and it went pretty well. I timed the whole thing out down to the minute: I left at 6:30 and basically followed my same 8-mile route to work, from Beverly through Salem and to the office in Marblehead. Got there at 7:45 (including stopping to pick up a newspaper); the run took 1:12. Went into the office, picked up my gym bag, went to the gym next door and stretched and showered, and got back to the office by 8:30. Pretty sweet. I got a ride home from a co-worker. Tomorrow, Deb's going to drop me off about three miles into the route, so I'll only have to run five miles. Should save some wear and tear on the ol' legs. Thursday and Friday, I'll get rides to work.

More later...

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