Saturday, January 27, 2007

Right or Wrong

Quick post from Joisey: We're down here for a joint birthday party to celebrate Matt and Tricia's 35th birthdays (his was yesterday, hers is next week). It's actually a grown-up party; all the kids are spending the night at Tricia's mom's house. Just got back from a 10-mile trail run with Matt and his buddy Joe. Fortunately it wasn't windy, so the 20-25 degree temps didn't bother us. It was a different kind of trail run for me because the trail was completely frozen solid. No wipeouts or ankle turns.

I had quite the cross-training week: skated at Redd's Pond in Marblehead with my buddy Matt a couple of times, plus played hockey Wednesday night. My legs are pretty much shot at this point. I got "traded" on Wed. night to the other team for a better player in an effort to even things out; got my revenge by scoring the winning goal in the first game. Muwahaha!

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