Friday, September 10, 2004

Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

Don't worry, I'm not gonna start moping about the good ol' days. The Boston Globe had a story the other day about twentysomethings afflicted with the "quarter-life crisis," that post-college ennui that has been well documented in film and song. Apparently, it's such a problem that a book was written to document it, complete with a website at which angst-ridden quarter-lifers can commiserate. I had a job right out of college doing what I went to school for, so I never had any slacker moments, I suppose. Sometimes I look at what some of my fellow classmates are doing now and I get a little envious, but that never lasts long. I'm pretty satisfied with my life and career for the most part, although the whole bills/taxes thing is kind of depressing, especially considering I've been bumming rides from co-workers for a month now because I don't have a freakin' car. Ah, don't get me started.

The U.S. team lost in the semifinals of the World Cup of Hockey tonight, 2-1 to Finland. Canada plays the Czech Republic tomorrow for the right to face the Finns in the championship Tuesday. Then it's no hockey for who knows how long. Fools.

In other sports news, my coed softball team has our first-round playoff series tomorrow afternoon. Our best player will be on the sidelines because of a suspension and the other team is probably looking past us to the next round, but we could surprise some people.

My race on Labor Day went well. The weather was great--sunny in the 60s--and I felt good as we ran the torturous 15.5-mile course through Gloucester and Rockport. I was just thankful it wasn't hot and humid. Our goal was to run it in 8-minute miles (or 2 hours and 4 minutes) and we finished in 2:06; the only hitch came around mile 14 when we had to walk up a hill because we had no energy. Once at the top, we started running again and finished strong. I'm still a little sore from it, but I have three weeks until the Applefest Half-Marathon up in Hollis, NH. After finishing the Cape Ann race, that one should be no problem.

Hands down, this will be the scariest costume this Halloween.

I'm still dealing with the after-effects of a head cold and it feels a little something like this.

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