Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Quick One

So I hit the big 3-7 today. Not that I make a big deal out of birthdays anymore. They just seem to whip by. We actually cut the birthday cake last night, because tonight, I'm going to see the Tragically Hip play at Avalon in Boston. Should be a great show...not a bad way to spend the evening. Basically, the place will be full of Canuckian college students and expats (not to mention folks who drive down from the Great White North just for the show) fired up for the Hip and bummed out about the NHL. I should fit right in.

More later.


jbreitling said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA FARGIN ICEHOLE!! I had no idea it was coming up, I thought all you old guys were born in the spring, or at least born on the fourth of july like Tom Cruise. Anyhow, I salute you with cannons like AC/DC. Happy Happy.

Jay said...

Thanks, mang. Yeah, I'm old. But you're getting there, too. Remind me to smack you with my cane the next time I see you.