Thursday, September 30, 2004

Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing

Hey. Quick post because it's late and I haven't written in a week. Just watched the first Bush-Kerry debate. I thought Kerry acquitted himself pretty well, especially considering I saw clips from an interview he did with Diane Sawyer in which he was all over the map. But he was forceful and impressive tonight. Meanwhile, Dubya kept hammering away with his talking points: "You can't lead when you give mixed messages" being one of the big ones he repeated over and over. The best part of it was watching the candidates' reactions when the other guy was ripping into him. Kerry would just have this grin/grimace on his face while he scribbled on some paper, whereas Bush would get this squinty-eyed annoyed look. It was classic. Anyway, it was nice to see an actual debate instead of the campaign trail potshots we've witnessed so far.

The chumps in the NHL may not be playing, but I laced 'em up for the first time since March Tuesday night. I was dying after the first shift, but I felt better as the hour wore on and popped in a couple of goals. I was also pleased that my Achilles' tendons were none the worse for wear afterwards. I've got the Applefest half-marathon on Saturday and I've decided to stop running for a month after the race in the hopes that my injuries will heal. I'd like to run a spring marathon, but I need to take it easy for a while or it ain't gonna happen.

The Expos are moving to Washington. The worst-kept secret in baseball is finally confirmed for next season. It remains to be seen if they can come up with a nickname, uniforms, marketing plan, etc., in time for the beginning of the '05 season because right now, they don't have any of that stuff done.

If this is to be believed, apparently all it takes to please a woman in Japan is a bizarrely-shaped pillow.

Aiight, more later. Soon. Really. Bye.

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