Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Salutos, my friends. Normally at this time, I'd be off playing hockey, but we're having this nasty rainstorm that could easily freeze over in a second and I didn't want to be traversing Route 128 when it happened. So's I stayed home trying to hook up my new 10GB iPod. Unfortunately, I've got Windows 98SE, and even though there are ways to get it to work, those ways aren't working for me. So I'm going to install it on my work computer and load it up with the digital music there; I'm not planning to download stuff there, just transfer files from CDs and such.

The Pats won the Super Bowl in a pretty damn exciting game. Tom Brady proved himself once again to be one of the greats in the game today, leading them down the field every time they needed points in the second half. Unfortunately, the hypocrites at the FCC and CBS are making a big deal out of the Janet Jackson peep show; I'm not going to say too much about it because it's already been overblown by every media outlet out there, other than to say: Who freakin' cares? It was a boob, not even a naked boob. If you had your kids watching the halftime show expecting good wholesome entertainment when you knew Nelly would be out there singing "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes," then you're a friggin' idiot, anyway. Yeah, I'm talking to you, FCC Chairman Mike "Thanksdad" Powell, you simpering tool. All you've done since you've taken over is make the world safer for media conglomerates. Taking a stand on this is pretty asinine.

Besides, nobody's really talking about this flabby-assed clown.

The Pats held their victory parade today in Boston and 1.5 million people showed up. And they got to see Bob Kraft dance again. Lucky them. Hey, he's done a hell of a job with the team. If you won two Super Bowls in three years, you can dance any way you like.

So the Montreal trip was fun. The drive up was quick (if you call 5.5 hours quick) and the hockey game was a blast. The Bell Centre was huge (21,270 capacity) and vibrant, even though there were plenty of Bruins fans there to see the 1-0 victory. The Habs totally dominated play, but B's goalie Andrew Raycroft stood on his head. We hit the bars after that, and let's just say this about that: I'm not planning to drink again for quite some time. Sunday was not fun. We got home by 4 and I still felt pretty lousy, but fortunately I felt better by the time the Supa Bowl started.

Aiight, time to log off.

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