Sunday, February 22, 2004

Another weekend has come and gone. This was a busy one, as we had Deb's brother Matt and his family staying with us. We had fun, as always, because it's great to see Hannah playing with her cousin Danny and also it was nice to see little Timmy, who's only a few months old but is incredibly expressive. But man, can it get loud when Danny and Hannah start tearing around the place. I can only imagine the din when Timmy and little Baby Kumar 2 get to be a few years old.

As we approach T minus 14 days until the baby arrives (and of course, it could always happen sooner), we've begun getting stuff ready like the list of who to call and stuff for Deb to bring to the hospital, since she'll be there for five days after she has the baby. It's definitely getting close.

A little sore today. I spent an hour splashing around the pool at the Y with Hannah and Deb and then went for a 15-mile run with my running buddies Matt and Rick. Matt just scored himself a number for the Boston Marathon, so he's getting ready. It's weird not to be running it this year after doing it the last two, but we've obviously got enough stuff to worry about.

After 11 years of running my coed softball team, I finally turned the reins over this week. I'll still help out with a lot of the stuff, but I got tired of being the guy that everything depended on. I just want to play.

We had a couple of road trips to Toronto last summer and found on the second one that a portable DVD is key to keeping Hannah happy. Unfortunately, this guy went a little too far keeping himself happy. A few times, I've found myself noticing DVD screens in other vehicles and trying to figure out what movie they're watching. That can be dangerous if you end up getting into the movie. Fortunately, it wasn't anything like the guy in that article was watching.

I'm not an "American Idol" fan because there's only so much overwrought mangling of Mariah Carey songs I can take, but I have enjoyed watching the show's first few weeks when they trot out all the really bad singers. This dood is awesome, and more power to him if he can actually become popular.


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