Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Man, it just don't pay to be a celebrity these days. Those guys are dropping like the so-called flies. Art Carney departed this mortal coil Sunday at age 85. Not that it was a total shock or anything; he was one of those guys that you were surprised to find out he was still alive. Like Abe Vigoda. That dude's looked near death for 30 years now. But getting back to the Honeymooners, that was a truly great show. Jackie Gleason and Carney were, how you say, frickin' funny.

Agh, it's fundraising week on WMBR, the MIT station I listen to every morning for the good indie rock. Not that they don't deserve the money for providing quality programming that I enjoy, but the begging can be annoying at times. Still, stations like MBR, WZBC and WERS (and hell, even good ol' WUNH) are to be treasured, so I'll send in some cash money at some point.

Finally got back on the ice last night for the first time in over a month. My legs felt pretty heavy, partly because it had been so long and partly because I played street hockey Monday night. But it was fun, although we were all sucking wind because the kid running the rink gave us an extra 20 minutes of ice time. I popped in a goal, but could definitely feel the rust. I also had new gloves and shin pads to get used to. Street hockey was good the other night, too, although my timing was way off. I had a nice goal where I faked the goalie one way and slipped the ball behind on the other side, but I also missed four or five one-timers. It'll come back, but not next week, because I'll be in Chicago for work, dammit.

Looking forward to convening with my fellow nerdizens from WebNozie on Friday night in Cambridge to mark the second anniversary of Black Friday, when we were all laid off by the ill-fated startup. There will be much sniping and laughing at others' misfortune, I suspect. Exxxxxcceeelllllllllllllllllllent.

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