Sunday, November 16, 2003

Just tooling on the computer for a little while before I leave for the airport. Flying to Chicago for a conference Monday and Tuesday; I get back Tuesday night. Got a ticket to the Blackhawks-Rangers game tonight, so that will be cool, although it would have been a much better game 10 years ago when both teams were doing well. At least it'll be the fourth Original Six city I'll have seen a game in (Chicago, Toronto, Boston and Montreal--still need to see games in New York and Detroit).

Friday night, I got together with Mssrs. Dube, Brighaaaaam, Breitling and Rohda at Tha Good Life for some beers and B.S. A good time, although we're starting to question why we keep going back to that place, since they're always out of the beers we like. Last time, they didn't have any Sam Adams, for crying out loud. We went over to the People's Republic for a quick one after that. Hard to believe two years have passed since we all worked together.

The HCPro football game yesterday was a lot of fun, despite temps in the mid-30s. We had a good turnout, about 15 people, and once we started running around, we warmed up quickly. My team lost 4-2, but it didn't really matter. I hadn't played football in seven or eight years, but I had a touchdown at the end, and a few good punt returns. We ripped up the Marblehead Charter School field pretty well; the thing's a big mudpit now. We'll have to do that again sometime.

Last night, my old high school buddy Jeremy stopped by with his wife and youngest son. We reconnected a few years ago. Talk about your different paths. He got married during his senior year and they had a kid the following summer; now his oldest is 17. Dayamn. Hannah's not even 19 months yet. But he's done all right for himself and his family and they seem really happy, so that's all that matters. I'm glad I didn't do things that way, though.

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