Saturday, September 13, 2008

Needles and Pins

Another crazy week. I spent much of it getting punctured. Tuesday morning, I had a physical for the first time in two years. In addition to getting blood drawn to check my cholesterol and thyroid level, I got a tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis vaccination. And then yesterday afternoon, I gave blood for the first time ever at a blood drive that was held at my office. I'm not sure why I've never done it before; I'm certainly not opposed to it and I'm not freaked out by needles. I think it was just the fact that a blood drive was never in such close proximity before. At any rate, I never realized how much went into blood drives. I had to read a ton of material beforehand about various reasons I may not be allowed to give blood, fill out a questionnaire, and then answer a bunch of questions about my sexual and drug history. Once I finally got hooked up to a blood bag, it went pretty smoothly. I was a tad lightheaded afterward, but nothing serious. They had a snack table set up for donors and I had some cookies and juice before heading back to my office. I was told not to drink any alcohol last night and not to do any strenuous exercise for 24 hours. Of course, the latter was a problem because I had a tight window to get my long run in today.

I took Hannah for her soccer photo shoot at 9 a.m. and then dropped her off at Lily's game, which took place at the same time. I went home and then went for a 13-mile run, which was a real struggle. I just felt sluggish the entire way and not just because of the humidity. I didn't have the energy that I would normally for a run that short (since I've been doing runs of 17-20 miles for the last three weeks). But I got through it. Afterward, we took Hannah to her soccer game and then went to a get-together down in Dedham. We just got home around 10.

Tomorrow will be equally nuts, because I'm volunteering at a race in the morning and then we're heading up to see my mom in NH in the afternoon. No rest for the weary.

Wiggity wiggity:
  • Looks like the oil companies are using Hurricane Ike as an excuse to gouge us some more on gas prices. Gas stations down south have hiked their prices by a dollar in some areas, while on Friday alone I saw one station raise its cheapest gas by 10 cents over the span of eight hours. Ridiculous.
  • Sarah Palin didn't do so well in her first big television interview since getting the nomination. I'm shocked.
  • How about this Green Bay mom, who posed as her 15-year-old daughter because she wanted to be a high school cheerleader? I suppose I can understand wanting to be young again, but 15? Really? I could maybe see wanting to do college again, but high school? Hell, no.

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Anonymous said...

Just as gas prices start to fall slightly and we felt like there might be hope along comes Ike and causes them to spike to an all time high. Families everywhere are wondering where else they can cut back to cover the cost of fueling up the family vehicle to get back and forth to work and take care of the necessities of life. There is no money left for relaxation and family fun. The stress level continues to rise. Most areas of the country have seen a sharp rise in their electric bill as power companies pass their increased production costs on to consumers. The price of a gallon of milk is almost as precious as a gallon of gas. The cost of every consumer product has risen sharply. Americans are stretched to the limit. Jobs are being lost, foreclosures are increasing at an alarming rate. Seems even the family pets are suffering the high cost of fuel as almost daily a sad new story is on TV about shelters being forced to euthanize record number of surrendered pets from those forced out of their homes due to foreclosure or they simply can't afford to feed them anymore. The energy crisis in our country is far reaching and needs immediate attention. Our economy is in a sorry state of affairs directly related to the high cost of fuel. We have become so dependant on foreign oil that we have neglected to fully utilize such natural sources of energy such wind power & solar power. Along with modern technology such as plug in cars, hybrid cars, v2g technology ,and regenerative braking, technology we still seem to be floundering as a nation as to devising the best plan utilize all that is available to us and lift ourselves out of this mess we are in. We need to take our closest look at which candidates put our economy and energy crisis at the forefront of their agenda. The Manhattan Project of 2009 by Jeff Wilson pretty much says it all...