Saturday, September 27, 2008

Get Innocuous!

Greetings from NJ. We drove down through some nasty rain and traffic on the Mass Pike, but things improved once we got into Connecticut. We had to deal with some crankiness from the girls for the first half of the trip, but after we stopped for dinner, that just turned into silliness and giggling, which is much more preferable.

I watched some of the debate last night, but couldn't get into it. My brain was kinda fried from the week and watching those dudes bicker didn't help. I was glad McCain dropped his silly "suspension of the campaign" ploy; it sounded like the whole bailout negotiation was just more political grandstanding on both sides. Looks like nothing's been resolved yet on that front, anyway. But I thought Obama acquitted himself well on foreign policy issues, despite McCain's best efforts to paint him as a dangerous neophyte. Hopefully it helped some undecided folks make up their minds some.

Speaking of the campaign, I love the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week, with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert parodying the controversial New Yorker cover of the Obamas.

An update on the guy from my hockey group who suffered a stroke: He's still under sedation, but apparently they were going to do an MRI last night to better determine the extent of the bleeding/damage in his brain. His buddies were planning to move a bunch of his stuff from the rooming house he lives in to prevent anyone else there from ripping it off. The group has really pulled together, which is nice to see. Let's hope the news is positive today.

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Howard said...

After watching the candidate's debate last night, it became apparent that Obama would be better to play the President in a movie, but McCain is the man who can actually do the job. Obama is like a movie set. He looks good, but behind the facade, there's nothing there.