Saturday, September 20, 2008

As We Go Up, We Go Down

Another Saturday morning check-in. I'm taking advantage of the calm before the youth soccer-induced storm. Lily's got soccer at 9 and Hannah has her game at 10:30, so things are going to get pretty busy in a little bit. Deb's off at a flea market selling stuff to raise money for her next Costa Rica trip in June, so I'm solo this morning.

We're starting to get that crisp fall weather that I like so much: Sunny but with temps only reaching the low 60s. Great for running. I've got to get a 20-miler in early tomorrow. Marathon training has been going well. I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. My back has been bothering me a little, but I got a massage this week and that helped. Philly's only two months away.

Met up with OJ and Amy last night and went to a small birthday bash for Big Audio Douglass, who lives across town. Good time with a good bunch of folks.

Change the channel:
  • So after all the hullaballoo about the Large Hadron Collider and how it was going to doom us all, the thing's now on the fritz. Guess they don't make black-hole creating particle colliders like they used to.
  • I don't place much stock in polls, but it sounds like people are finally tiring of Sarah Palin hype. Tina Fey totally nailed her on SNL last weekend, but I thought the rest of the show was pretty weak. They had a chance to really make some good political satire with one of the best political impressionists around in Darrell Hammond. But NBC foisted Michael Phelps as the guest host, which meant they had to do a lot of dumb sketches built around him instead.
  • Metallica had a nice number 1 debut with their latest album, Death Magnetic. I haven't picked it up yet, but I heard a good preview of it and found some tracks online and it sounds like they're definitely getting back to their classic mid-80s sound.
  • Speaking of metal legends, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson has been keeping busy with his other job as a commercial airline pilot. He spent last weekend flying to Egypt to pick up stranded British passengers for XL Airlines. Aces high, indeed.

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