Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Ain't No Picnic

Well, we're just about into September, which is a month I quite enjoy. The weather is still rather beautiful around here. Unlike last weekend, I was able to get a good long run in yesterday. Headed out a little after 6:30 and ran 20 miles in cloudy, drizzly weather. Just as I wrapped it up, the sun started coming out. It was nice to get that out of the way, especially before things started warming up.

No big plans for the long weekend. Things will get crazy the next few weeks as the girls go back to school, albeit in new schools: Hannah will be going to first grade in a new elementary school (because the old one closed) on Wednesday and Lily will start her final year of preschool in Beverly (previously she went in Malden). The girls are looking forward to their new adventures, but I'm sure they're a little nervous, too.

Assorted talking points:

  • It was a crazy week for politics. The Democrats made a big splash at their convention, but then on Friday, McCain announced a running mate choice seemingly out of left field: Alaska governor Sarah Palin. I actually had heard of her, having read some posts on Gawker about her relative hotness as a governor. So his potential VP has less than two years' in office as a governor, and before that, her sole political experience was as a mayor of a small Alaskan town. WTF? I guess there goes his arguments about Obama not having enough experience. Hey, you've got to give her credit for accomplishing what she has, but does that qualify her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? At 72, McCain would be the oldest man to be elected president, and he isn't exactly in the best of health. It seems like a calculated move to attract women voters, especially those disaffected Hillary supporters who are still pissed off about Obama getting the nomination. Of course, she's a pretty hard core conservative evangelical, which is playing well to that demographic. Who cares if she has no experience, she's anti-abortion and pro-gun. Should be an interesting campaign, especially if there's a VP debate between Palin and Joe Biden; he actually could come off looking like a jerk if he totally embarrasses her. As for Palin, nobody can say she doesn't know her sports, as evidenced by this 1988 clip from her days as a big-haired sportscaster.
  • Looks like New Orleans is about to get slammed again, this time by Hurricane Gustav. Mayor Ray Nagin has ordered residents to evacuate. Here's hoping the storm misses the city. Those folks have been through enough.

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