Friday, February 16, 2007

Trapped Under Ice

The big blizzard hit harder in New Hampshire and western Mass.; we got a little snow followed by plenty of rain, followed by cold temps that froze everything. It's remained extremely cold, in the teens, causing our sump pump to burn out today. Good times.

I've begun a four-day weekend. We have Monday off for President's Day and I took Tuesday as a vacation day to hang with Deb and the girls, who have next week off for February vacation. No big plans, which is fine with me.

More beans, please:
  • "Lost" is back from its hiatus and its ratings have hit an all-time low. It's too bad, because Wednesday's episode was the best one of the season. I blame the idiots at ABC for taking the show off the air for three friggin' months in the middle of the season. It was bad enough last season when they kept running reruns and dragging out the season. This year, it was too much for some people. What they should have done is run the entire season without repeats, like Fox is doing with "24." If that means starting it later in the fall, so be it. But instead they just mismanaged it and now there's talk of it getting cancelled. Dumbasses.
  • An Australian artist's parody of prescription advertising is fooling people into believing it's a real drug. Artist Justine Cooper created a web site, ads, billboards for the fake drug Havidol. Pretty funny stuff.
  • Just as the furor died down over ex-NBA player John Amaechi's admission that he's gay, former NBA all-star Tim Hardaway went and stirred it up again. Just. Plain. Stupid.

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