Saturday, February 10, 2007

Super Stupid

Ah, the weekend's here and there's plenty to do. Heading up to NH with the girls today to see my mom for lunch, then we've got a Valentine's Father-Daughter dance tonight. Guess I'm TiVoing the Leafs game.

It was pretty bitterly cold all week. We're in a stretch rivaling the one we had two years ago in January. It's been close to 10 days straight of sub-freezing temps. I wussed out and ran on the treadmill a few times this week before finally venturing outside for a run yesterday. I ran a 15K race last Sunday and it was about 15 degrees with some stiff winds; I did okay, but almost immediately afterward I started sneezing and sniffling and I haven't stopped. I suppose I was due.

Pass the peas:
  • Wow, the fallout from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing stunt continues. Yesterday, the general manager of the Cartoon Network resigned because of it. Next they'll be taking the show off the air. Meanwhile, actual terrorists are out there doing whatever the hell they please.
  • The Anna Nicole Smith death is sad but should come as no surprise to anyone. Her life had been a trainwreck for years, and now the paternity fight over her newborn daughter is getting really weird. Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband now claims he's the father, the third guy who's vying for that title. Whatever. This will give the tabloids and their companion TV shows (Inside, Extra, etc.) fodder for the next six months at least.
  • The Leafs have been playing well lately, winning five straight before losing the other night to Nashville. Unfortunately for them, there are about six teams fighting for that last playoff spot, so they're going to have to keep winning to get in. Goalie Andrew Raycroft has finally playing up to his potential and captain Mats Sundin is playing with a snarl we've never seen before. Should be a fun stretch run if they can keep it up.

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