Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cold Shot

'Sup. The blizzard of '05 is underway. We're supposed to get about two feet of snow from this thing. Great, can't wait to start shoveling. The storm comes after several days of bone-chilling temps. It was routinely in the single digits and occasionally dropped below zero, and that's not counting the wind chill.

PT update: I've been going to physical therapy for a month now and making good progress on my Achilles' problems in my feet. Lots of stretching, icing, etc. But I still haven't been able to start running, so I came to the sad realization this week that it just wouldn't be a good idea to run the Vermont City Marathon in late May. I had signed up in November figuring I would be running again by now. I think realistically I'll be running again in mid- to late February. I can train for a marathon in three months, but not if I haven't run at all the previous four to five months. I don't want to risk re-injuring myself. So I've decided to shoot for a fall marathon instead. Meanwhile, I found out I can't get an injury waiver and run Vermont next year, so I'll need to sell the bib number. Although there's a good chance a fellow runner who lives in this house might just try to do the marathon, which is very cool.

Went to my first hockey game of the season last night, Northeastern at Boston College. I was supposed to go to the BU-BC game last week, but it fell through. I've also scored tickets to a couple more college games in February and March, including seeing my UNH Wildcats in BU's shiny new rink.

This is even better than the Bill Gates mug shot. Although much, much more disturbing.

Wired takes an interesting look at journalists who blog, and the blogs who blog them. Or something like that. Just read it.

Now you can get NFL broadcasts available for download to your iPod. Great, but who the hell wants to take up a shiteload of space with an old game? I'd rather watch it on TV and TiVo if I really wanted to see it again.

So who knew Bush was a Dio fan? Here's the diminutive dark lord himself.

Trevor Linden's impromptu meetings with NHL reps this week got some faint hopes up that something might be done to save the rapidly vanishing NHL season, with talk of a 30-game season or some variation followed by playoffs. But the talks didn't go so well Friday, and it appears the two sides are as far apart as they've ever been. To which I say: Go Pats!

While I'm definitely down on the NHL, I've got nothing but mad props for the late Archie Bennitz, who gave Messrs. Bettman and Goodenough the finger from the grave.

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