Friday, June 04, 2004

Prepare to melt

Getting ready to head to Phoenix Sunday morning. I just found out this week that I got a promotion and will be switching to another group, where I will oversee the production of newsletters and also be in charge of some book projects. Of course, the conference I'm about to attend is on infection control, the topic I will no longer cover in a few weeks. But I still need to pay attention, because the material for much of my last newsletter on IC will come from this conference. Besides, it's too damn hot there to do anything else.

In music news, sanctimonious Pearl Jam wannabes Creed broke up. What a shame. They were one of the worst bands to come out in the last bunch of years. Good riddance.

Here's a rare, in-depth interview with the great David Lee Roth, former Van Halen frontman. The guy's nuts, but you rarely get to hear him give serious answers to questions about anything. In this chat with Classic Rock magazine, he sprinkles a couple of introspective thoughts about the VH glory days amidst the braggadocio.

This is a truly great photoessay about the kung fu mastery of one Donald Rumsfeld. Guess he's good at something after all.

Here's a guy who just doesn't know when to count his blessings and go away.

For this guy, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is now Must-See TV.

Calgary's up 3-2 on Tampa going into tomorrow night's Game 6. I'm rooting for Calgary to win it all, but I wouldn't be bummed if Tampa takes tomorrow night's game and sends it to a seventh game Monday. Which Calgary would win. If they win tomorrow, it could be the last NHL game for a long, long time. Stupid labor strife.

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