Monday, June 28, 2004

Elmo's World

So we did the big road trip to Sesame Place over the weekend. For those of you without kids, it's a Sesame Street-themed amusement park located about a half-hour north of Philadelphia. We jumped in the car early Friday morning and met up with sister-in-law Tricia and her two kids, Danny and Timmy, and her mom, Judy; Deb's mom Susan also drove down in her vehicle. After checking into our fleabag Day's Inn, we headed over to the park for a few hours on Friday, with plans to return for a full day Saturday. The one thing that struck me about the place was how crowded it was, and this was on a Friday. Another was the staggering amount of extremely obese people in bathing suits (there are a lot of water rides at the park) waddling around. I noticed this to a larger degree (no pun intended) at Disney World a few years back. Not really sure what the correlation is, but amusement parks seem to attract fat people. Anyway, Hannah and her cousin Danny (who had been there before) had a blast; Hannah had been talking about going to "Sassame Place" for a few weeks. She was pretty fired up about seeing Elmo, Oscar and all the other characters, and getting to hang out with her cousin was a bonus. It ended up raining pretty hard for a while Friday night, but fortunately it was nice on Saturday. It was also twice as crowded on Saturday, as one would expect, and I found myself holding onto Hannah a little tighter. Other than a midday nap and some post-nap crankiness, she had a great time. Lily snoozed through much of it, but that's to be expected. She'll get to go in a year or two.

Michael Moore's latest film (I hesitate to call it a documentary, because it's really just entertainment in my book), Fahrenheit 9/11, topped the box office over the weekend with $21.8 million. I enjoyed Bowling for Columbine, although I was disappointed when I found out later about how he fudged over some facts and did some judicious editing to make his point. I want to see the new movie for a number of reasons, not the least of which is it looks funny. Moore really inspires love/hate reactions, which is admirable in its own way.

David Lee Roth is at it again. While the reunited Van Hagar tours the country, Diamond Dave is training to become an EMT. As the great Moe Szyslak would say, "Whaaaaaaaaa?"

Speaking of the Simpsons, Deb got me the Season 4 DVD set for Father's Day. Nice. Looking forward to watching those soon.

Just an update for those family members and friends who care to check it out: Kumarville v. 2.0 is up and running. The Comcast site was up for a while after I switched to Verizon DSL, but it's gone now. The new site isn't anything flashy, but I plan to update it fairly regularly with cute pictures of the kids and whatnot.

Always remember: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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