Friday, July 25, 2003

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy, man. I just found out about this InterWeb thingy, where you can write stuff that nobody in their right mind would publish. I want in.

It's funny, because you wouldn't think these things would be interesting, and yet they usually are. As long as you're not writing about how you washed your socks today...see, that's the kind of stuff I charge extra for you to read. Right.

So I figured I'd start me one of these here blogs because I'm too damn lazy to try and get a newspaper or magazine to publish my writing...that is, if I had anything for them to publish. I'm an editor for a B2B publishing company by day, so by night usually the last thing I want to do is write. But maybe this will at least give me a forum to do some non-work writing, even if it is just to bitch about my favorite sports teams or the RIAA or something. Because god knows that makes for fascinating reading.

Hey, the Jays won tonight. Nice. Not that it matters, since they're already out of the race. Oh, I didn't warn you that even though I live just north of Boston, I'm a fan of Toronto sports teams. See, I grew up in Toronto, at least until I was 14, but I still root for the teams. This has caused me much heartache, especially the Leafs, although the Jays did give me a couple of World Series titles to celebrate in the early '90s. Don't worry, it won't all be about sports. I promise.

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