Sunday, July 27, 2003

Damn, it was a hot and sticky one today. The coed softball team I manage lost a doubleheader. It's been a long, ugly season so far and we still have 10 games to go. So far, we're 4-12. I'm looking forward to just playing next year. After 11 years of managing, it's not much fun anymore for me.

Roy Halladay is the man! Fifteen straight wins for the Jays. Too bad he can't start every game.

Okay, if I hear that frickin' Ford commercial with Journey's "Any Way You Want It" again, I think I'm gonna freak. They must play that thing about 50 times a day on every major network. What's next, Volkswagen using "Mr. Roboto"? Oh, right. Well, at least that one was funny.

Mucho props to Lance Armstrong for winning his fifth straight Tour de France. I can't even imagine having that kind of endurance. I've run three marathons, and I thought that was hard (well, it is), but it's nothing compared to 20 stages of the Tour.

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