Sunday, August 03, 2014

Eight Miles High

Checking in from Williamsburg, Virginia, where we're on vacation for the next week. We've been keeping ourselves busy with visits to Colonial Williamsburg, Water Country and a ropes course in our first few days here, but I wanted to take a little time to celebrate an anniversary today: Eight years ago on this very day, I created the first episode of Completely Conspicuous.

It's hard to believe the show's been a going concern since 2006, when podcasting was still a new and strange development. Now podcasting's fairly mainstream, at least in terms of the number of shows and the audiences they've grown. It hasn't become the huge moneymaking platform that some predicted it would, but it's been interesting see how some folks have indeed used a podcast to create new careers for themselves. Certainly folks like Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick and Adam Carolla have been able to reach new heights and build audiences and followings and yes, make some money out of the deal.

That certainly hasn't been the case for me, but then, I never thought it would. CompCon's been a labor of love and something that I've enjoyed doing over the years for the sheer fun of it. When the show was part of the Podshow network, I ran ads to cover my expenses, but when Podshow/Mevio started falling apart, I was just as happy to pay my $20 a month to have Libsyn host the show.

I've never had a huge audience and honestly have never cared to pimp the show to get one. I like talking to people about things that interest me. Fortunately, I've had friends who have contributed greatly to the show over 338 episodes: Jay Breitling, Ric Dube, Brian Salvatore, Matt Phillion, Brian Lewandowski, Phil Stacey and many others. I thank all of them for helping make the show what it is.

I'm still going to keep cranking out the episodes as long as I feel like doing the show. Hopefully you'll listen in. If not, that's cool, too.

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